Well it’s kinda confirmed. It seems there will be a real international Pipeline Bodyboarding competition this year.

Dates unveil thru the social media make reference to a window between February 24th – March 9th. Event will be compressed of a four days window: two days dedicated to the bodyboarding draw, 1 day for the bodysurfing comp and an extra day just in case if need it.

In fact there aren’t too many details available, but it seems it will be one event for male and ladies. Or just ladies. Honestly we weren’t able to figure it out. So if you’re interested in entering you better hit this LINK for more info. Registrations are open until January 31st.

If you remember Pipe received two bodyboarding events on the last Hawaiian Winter season. The Boog Jam – with a new format – took place in February in pumping Pipeline conditions (epic 4 to 10 foot waves) between 40 riders who competed on 4 split expression session heats. Two months later (WTF!!!) the winner was finally announced: Tanner McDaniel.

On the ladies side, the Pipeline Women’s Bodyboarding Championship was organized by Carol Philips, Traci Effinger e Allen Lennard, in loving memory of Don & Josie Over, with a total of 24 contestants, on the first days of March.

Australian Lilly Pollard, a former world tour athlete, conquered the 1st place at the Banzai, leaving Jessica Becker, from Brazil, in second, Ayaka Suzuki Crilley, from Japan (currently living in Hawaii), in third, and Valentina Diaz, from Chile, in 4th.

Last time the Pipe International was run as a World Tour stop was February, 28th 2020. On the last day waves reach 6 to 8 feet range at the Banzai Pipeline. The swell was epic and turn out to be a special day. South African Iain Campbell, World Champion in 2017 and second at Pipe in the same year, beat everyone and got away with the trophy. xxx