Amaury Lavernhe, world champion in 2010 and 2014, and 3x Frontón King winner, recently announced that will be wearing a helmet when bodyboarding at Frontón and other heavy international spots.

The recent death of Julian Gonzalez left the Canarian community in shock. So, right after the tragedy the carismatic Frenchman decided to wear a helmet while surfing the Frontón waves. The main reason is protection. Moz wants to protect his life, but also his familly.

SAFETY FIRST is the main message to keep in mind for all wave riders. Bodyboarders, in general, don’t seem to like wear helmets. True is only a few top riders thru the years have wear them in a regularly form, and most of the times they do it because they have/or are dealing with ear complications. They not use them for protection in first place, which not makes any sense.

“From today I will wear an helmet to surf this wave (Frontón) and I invite all the riders to do the same”, wrote Lavernhe on the social media knowing that the process needs a time to adapt. But pay attention: the protection it can provide is worth it for sure.

Moz, who had an amazing performance last year in Arica and Maldives, placing 4th in the final rankings, will be competing again on the 2023 IBC World Tour. And, if you’re wondering, he’ll be

wearing a helmet, of course.