The event was absolutely historic.

Hawaiian Dave Hubbard takes the Men division and is your 2022 Maldives Pro Men and Dropknee Champion – the first ever world bodyboard event held in Malé.

On the ladies side Brazilian Isabela Sousa come out on top and Gabriel Medina, from the Canary Islands, won the Pro Junior division. 

Final results: 

Pro Men 

01. Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) 14,50 pts

02. Amaury Lavernhe (France) 14,40 pts

03. Tristan Roberts (South Africa) 

03. Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii)

Pro Women

01. Isabela Sousa (Brazil) 16,00 pts

02. Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands) 9,75 pts

03. Sari Ohhara (Japan) 

03. Neymara Carvalho (Brazil)

Pro Junior

01. Gabriel Medina (Canary Islands) 13,00 pts

02. Aamin Moosa (Maldives) 12,10 pts

03. Shimaal Shameem (Maldives)

03. Jareesh Jihadh (Maldives)


01. Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) 16,00 pts

02. Amaury Lavernhe (France) 11,75 pts

03. Fabien Thazar (France) 

03. Ali Ahmed (Maldives) 

Watch all the highlights clips, including the Finals Day, HERE