A partir do início de setembro a Surfcloud, Lda. passou a ser o novo distribuidor europeu das marcas NMD, VS e Hubboards. Na verdade a empresa já distribuia estas marcas para o mercado nacional, mas agora passa a fazê-lo para todo o continente europeu. 

Face a esta alteração, a Surfcloud, Lda. informou também que deixou de trabalhar as marcas Pride, Found e Drag.

EN // From September 1st onwards, Surfcloud company will be the new European distributor for NMD and Versus bodyboards as well as Hubboards.

NMD/VS and Hubboards owners, Nick Mesritz and Jeff Hubbard, decided to make the transition in order to give more awareness and growth to their brands in Europe.

“And we are stocked to have been chosen by these two legends”, said the Surfcloud rep.

Based in Lisboa, Surfcloud is a surf company with a long tradition in the bodyboard market as they distribute NMD and Versus in Portugal from the very beginning, 18 years ago. 

The company has sales agents in all european countries working with famous brands in Portugal such as Oakley, O&E, Firewire, Sticky Bumps, Shapers Australia, etc. Surfcloud works already with some of these brands for a long time in other countries as well, having a strong European extended network.

The 2019 catalogues for the three bodyboard brands will be available pretty soon.

For any questions and additional info: nunoamado@surfcloud.pt | 00351 210998837