Portuguese champ Daniel Fonseca just won the Short Circuit, an international video competition promoted by Movement Mag along Pride Bodyboards and Bodyboard King. 

The competition started on the 15th of July in 2020, there have been 40 videos submitted for consideration along with 22,020 votes from 18,733 registered users! The entries (and the votes) came from all over the World – Australia, Chile, Tahiti, Hawaii, California, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Mexico – making for a true international affair. 

Amongst the entries there were world champions, unknowns, underground rippers and household names in the mix. And these waves further featured a massive array of styles and moves – and not to mention some unbelievable barrels. 

On top, you may find the clip with the winners talking about their winning waves. Below the final results: 

1st – Daniel Fonseca – 3427 public votes

2nd – Sam Lennox – 2544 public votes

3rd (Judges Choice Award) – AJ Kelly