The IBC World Tour ended with truly amazing and spectacular waves at the Fronton King, the final stop of the 2022 season. The winners in the Canary Islands were the veteran Jeff Hubbard, from Hawaii, and the young canary David Pérez, from the island of Tenerife. However, ranking maths appointed different world champions. Confirm now the final rankings for each division.

Ranking after 8 events – top 4 events counted. 2022 champion is Tristan Roberts from South Africa.

Final rankings after 6 events – top 4 events counted. 2022 champion is Isabela Sousa from Brazil. Joana Schenker was the best Portuguese, coming in fifth, but another two girls from Portugal made the top 10 as well – Teresa Padrela (8th) and Madalena Valério (10th).

Final rankings after 4 events. 2022 champion is Dave Hubbard from Hawaii. Dubb is now a 9x Dk World Champ.

Final rankings after 5 events – best result plus Sintra Pro result counted. 2022 champion is Luna Hardman from Brazil. The Brazilian athletes have claimed 6 places in the top 6 (shared by 8 riders).

Final rankings after 8 events – best result plus Frontón King result counted. 2022 champion is Jorge Hernández from Spain. Portuguese Joel Rodrigues placed third overall.