English Nationals Championships 2023 took place May 12-14 on Watergate Bay, Newquay, England.

Bodyboarding in the United Kingdom took a step in the right direction over the weekend with an English champion being crowned for the first time in many years. With a good turn out of competitors Surfing England (National Governing Body for Surfing in England) ran both an Open Mens and Under 18 divisions, as old faces and new came together to battle it out for the title.

What started as a misty Sunday morning transformed into a beautiful day with clean waves, presenting the perfect conditions for the finals. Both divisions demonstrated the thrilling and daring nature of this sport, while the inclusion of bodyboarding added a new dimension to the event and brought together the tight-knit communities of both stand up surfing and bodyboarding. 

And the final results for bodyboarding were: 

Men’s Open
01. Brooke Joseph Mason
02. Ross Littlejohns
03. Brendon van Rooyen
04. Phil Milsom

U18’s Boys
01. Tom Catten
02. Darwin Tagholm
03. Alex Edmunds

Words by Bodyboard Holidays
Photos by @biskit_bodyboarding