The third edition of the Colorada Pro gathered 150 riders from all over the world.  

During the weekend Playa Punta Colorada (Oaxaca, Mexico) was the perfect stage for another international contest in Mexico. Sammy Morretino finished in first place on the Open Men’s division. The Hawaiian scored a total of 18,67 points (out of 20 pts), including an invert on the right that turn out to be his best wave – a 10-point-ride!

That left the winner from last year, Mack Crilley, in second with 16,67 points, Jeff Hubbard in third with 15,50 pts, and local boy Jesus Ariel Santos in fourth with 14,00 points.  

On the Ladies side, Veronica Correa, from Panama, beat Ayaka Suzuki, from Japan and last year’s winner, with a total score of 16,16 versus 12,00 points, leaving Clare McGowan (United Kingdom) and Roxel Perez (Mexico) with the other positions, with 7,50 and 6,70 points, respectively. 

On the Dropknee division the victory went to another Hawaiian. Kawika Rohr-Kamai scored 13,90 points and got a slight leverage to Mack Crilley (13,67 pts). This time Sammy Morretino placed third (12,03 pts), and Pohaku Kekaualua was fourth with 4,70 points.

The event was epic showcasing bodyboarding in its pure form. Great gathering from the boogie board tribe.

C-ya next year!

Photos by @photosmhmx