BODYBOARDING US and APB NORTH AMERICA are running the California Bodyboarding Tour 2022. The second stop of the year took place on October, 1st in Oceanside.

Great to see Craig Whetter taking the win in the Open Mens division edging out Evan McMillen who was also surfing solid all day. It’s awesome to see the bodyboarding community come together on events like this.

Final results:

Open Men
01. Craig Whetter 12.93 pts
02. Evan McMillen 10.83 pts
03. Marcelo Freitas 10.53 pts
04. Jean Baptistella 7.54 pts

01. Trevor Solberg 11.83 pts
02. Nick Borgens 10.77 pts
03. Enrique del Solar 10.10 pts
04. Wally Sani 7.10 pts

01. Joaquim Gomes 10.23 pts
02. Turner Harmon 7.47 pts
03. Theodore Coit 5.70 pts
04. Peter Cosgrove 1.33 pts