During the weekend the Gold Coast Bodyboard Club has run their second stop on a solid swell at DBah (Duranbah Beach, Australia).

All competitors did a great job as they entered on very challenging conditions. According to the organizers, “Waves were 5ft+, and it was great to see riders not holding back.” 

South African Damon Wridgway scored the highest single wave of the day, an 8 points for a sick barrel at his Masters semi final.

However, due to a large swell forecasted, only the Open, Dropknee and Masters divisions were able to be run. All the others divisions were postponed until November.

Get ready for the next event which is happening on May 21st, location to be announced.


1st Dale Akehurst 

2nd Casey Redden 

3rd Silas Ganciar

4th Grant Nutter


1st Shannon Deane

2nd Levi Frangos

3rd Damon Wridgway

4th Simon Bruncke


1st Simon Bruncke

2nd Darrel Nelson

3rd Damon Wridgway

4th Jeremy Brownjohn

Action photo by @timoliver_photography