The West Beach Warfare (1 star) event started in clean wedging 3 ft waves with the pushing. the first round was a non elimination where the winner would advance to the 3rd round, APB mens world champion Iain Campbell lead the way in the first heat, with the best move of the contest, busting one of his trademark back flips, and a few massive air rolls. The next heat was bombing with waves, Michael Ostler dominated the heat with critical wave selection getting long clean barrels and exiting out with clean barrel rolls.

Round 2 was dominated by some of South African top juniors, the riders went up another level as it was a knock out round and they had to win to advance to make it to tound 3 to be able to compete man on man against Tristan Roberts, Michael Ostler, Wildur Schultz and Iain Campbell. All four of these riders were looking extremely confident in there Q/F Man on man heats, except for Tristan Roberts who still manage to get through with an interference call in his heat. Sunday was the final day of the event, the conditions were going to deteriorate with the north east wind, starting off early before the wind came up and the tide effected the surf, The 1st semi final heat was a close affair with 2 Durban boys who been competing against each other since they were in the Boys Division, Michael Ostler taking the win off Iain Campbell with the best wave of the heat, smashing a big flip and then manage to link up and milk it with 3 clean rolls onto the sand. the 2nd semi final was a rematch with Alex Nutt and Tristan Roberts.

Alex put up an amazing performance and had the opportunity with one of the best waves in the heat and unfortunately could not match Tristan who put up a consistent performance mixing it up with a few combos. the event was put on hold with howling north east wind so contest officials decided to wait for the incoming tide to be more contestable.

The final was dominated by Tristan in the first 15 mins in the choppy conditions, then the tide got really full, there were a few chance’s for Michael to come back in the heat, getting a clean ride down the beach then paddled out quickly to get a good right-hander with a clean ARS but with Tristan holding priority till the end there was no chance Ostler would catch up to him, pushing to end Ostler had a number of inverts but was just not enough. Roberts taking out the win, with a strong performance throughout the event, this is will give him massive confidence going into APB South American leg of the Grand Slams Events.


01. Tristan Roberts

02. Micheal Ostler

03. Iain Campbell

04. Alex Nutt

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