Yesterday, while celebrating his 31st birthday, Pierre-Louis Costes unveil his new project to the fans: The Costes Camps.

The frenchman 2x world champion talked about the project:

This is something you, friends, family and fans around the world, encouraged me to do and I couldn’t be more stoked to let you know this project I always dreamed of is finally ready to see the light of day.

My passion and love for bodyboarding is so strong that I felt it was time to move to the next step and now build something where I could pass on my knowledge and the values of our beloved sport & lifestyle to the people who are willing to. This is why I decided to create Costes Camps, a project inspired by my history and my belief that sharing what makes us happy is something fundamental that makes this world a better place.


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This project is something I always had in mind, one of the main reasons that makes me adore bodyboarding so much is the joy and the fun it provides to a person regardless of their skills. The smile on their face after simply catching a good wave or coming out of a barrel is something priceless and it is this happiness and satisfaction, I want to help people to reach. It doesn’t matter if you never rode a bodyboard before or if you want to improve your skills to become a professional athlete or even just discover a new place using bodyboarding as an excuse, the purpose of this project is to give a unique experience and an opportunity to spend a week chasing waves together and simply live the best things that bodyboarding has to offer us.

Costes Camps is waiting for you. Just start a new adventure. xxx