A boogie boarder was arrested in Florida for surfing in poor conditions.

Garrison Creamer, a 38-year-old bodyboarder from Bay County, Florida, was boogie boarding in Panama City Beach (Florida, USA) last week when lifeguards declared a double red-flag warning, which excludes swimmers and even boogie boarders from being in the water during hazardous conditions.

The surfers who carry a surfboard are still allowed to enter the water to catch a few waves during double red-flags. Strange thing as the conditions must be hazardous for everyone.

The lifeguards on duty yelled and yelled Garrison to leave the water, but he refused to end his session. You see, he must be enjoying it. Minutes after, a scene took place like a Hollywood action movie. Several deputies on the beach, cars and even a helicopter in the air. Oh man, it seems people in Florida are bored.

Half an hour later, and a few waves as well, the bodyboarder returned to shore and avoided the policemen by running. Things quickly got out of hand as he striked an officer right into the hot sand. Upsss!

What could be a simply double red-flag violation (meaning a fine between US$500 and US$1,000) evolved to something more serious like obstruction of justice, plus resisting and battery of law enforcement and a trip to county jail, courtesy of the Sheriff’s Office.

His crime was only a solo session in tiny onshore waves. It’s a strange world we live in. xxx