The last stop of the APB North America Regional Tour was held in Puerto Rico, home of the former 2x world champion Jared Houston, on December the 3rd and 4th.

Playa Middles, in Isabela, received the El Taino Pro 2022 with a great cast of athletes for the Open division such as Sammy Morretino, Abner de Arce, Javier Muñiz, Mack Crilley, Ruben “Baby” Quiñones and Jerry who turn out to be the winner in a final day disputed in very challenging conditions.

01. Jared Houston (South Africa) 14,80 pts
02. Mack Crilley (Hawaii) 11,00 pts
03. Ruben Quiñones (Puerto Rico) 7,60 pts
04. Javier Muñiz (Puerto Rico) 6,00 pts

On the Junior side, local Nicolás Barreras came out on top on the final heat with a total of 10,90 points. In the Ladies, Japanese rider Ayaka Suzuki Crilley, former world champ, beat the Puerto Rican talent Anais Mendoza by just 1,70 pts.

The Dropknee division, with 20 riders involved in the draw, saw Hawaiians Sammy Morretino and Mack Crilley dominating and taking first and second places, respectively. Local boys Wilfredo Vargas and Tay Roman Pantoja were third and fourth.

After the maths, winners of the APB US Regional Tour were Sammy Morretino (Open), on a tight dispute with Mack Crilley for less than 100 points, and Ayaka Suzuki on the Ladies side. Sammy also won the Dropknee division.


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