What a memorable day for the 2nd edition of Future Pro’s Presented by Inverted Bodyboarding.

The unique under 18 bodyboarding competition in Australia was held on Saturday 23rd September at Tugun Beach on the Gold Coast. Waves were between 3 to 4 ft and favorable winds most of the day.

Competitor from all 4 divisions (Juniors U18, Cadets U16, Grommets U14 and Super Grommets U12) didn’t hold back and put in a great show to public on the beach and viewers on the live stream.


1st Kaito Sato

2nd Cooper Stewart

3rd Ryan Hill-Smith

4th Bodi Hugin


1st Zayde Taylor

2nd Sunny Williams

3rd Bodi Hugin

4th Archer Thoms


1st Archer Thoms

2nd Zayde Taylor

3rd Ollie Williams

4th Chase Stewart

Super Grommets

1st Hardy Fletcher

2nd Van Taylor

3rd Morrison Parker

4th Taylor Brangwin

Photos by @timoliver_photography 
Water photo by @paul_van_den_boom