Gaston Pelaez, a talent bodyboarder from Uruguay, just went to Surfland Brasil wave pool, a complex based in Garopaba, Brazil, for a different experience.

Here’s what Gaston had to say:

“Bodyboarding has become my lifestyle, my body has become what I do, my mind and soul, my health and my desire to achieve more are connected with this sport that teaches me something new every day, I meet so many wonderful people and places. and moments that leave me thousands of beautiful stories to tell, it was incredible to do my debut session in a wave pool with a stand full of people cheering me on. It is a comforting experience, I trained hard to reach my goals, I dedicated money and time, for sure. You would not understand the way I see and live it if you are not on this side, this is what keeps me standing and makes me grow as a person.”

Enough said. xxx