The Gold Coast Bodyboard Club Round 3 Presented by Hubboards was held at Dbah with clean conditions. Waves were at 2 to 3 feet and offshore winds.

Photos by @misterblinks 

The Earth & Sea Outstanding Performance Awards went to Kaito Sato for his 8.17 point ride at a single wave to take the win at Opens final. Another highlight of the day was the close heat at Super Grommets final between Noa Rowlands and Frank Nutter, at the end Rowlands won by 0.10 points.

Here’s the final results of the third stop of the Australia’s Gold Coast Tour:

Super Grommets

1st Noa Rowlands

2nd Frank Nutter

3rd Raphael Donath

4th Lola Peasley

5th Loise Nutter

6th Benson Peasley


1st Kaito Sato

2nd Silas Ganciar

3rd Grant Nutter

4th Robert Mackenzie


1st Britt-Marie Ladley

2nd Noriko Smith

3rd Nicole Ricciardi

4th Shannon Nutter


1st Justin Kirkpatrick

2nd Arron Buckshiram

3rd Levi Frangos

4th Mitch Curtis


1st Daniel Leyshon

2nd Darrel Nelson

3rd Mitch Curtis

4th Warwick Leese


1st Taylor Barton

2nd Kade Grendon

3rd Byron Millar

4th Cruz McAuliffe


1st Kyle Maslen

2nd Robert Mackenzie

3rd Tory Anton

4th Jeremy Brownjohn

Grand Masters

1st Justin Kirkpatrick

2nd Darrel Nelson

3rd Warwick Leese

4th Matt Foster

Check here for results of stop #2