If you live in Australia and somehow are involved with bodyboarding you know very well the beach known as Breakwall is an iconic break that has produced, at least, two Australian world champs.

Both Port Macquarie’s locals Damian King and Michael Eppelstun “Eppo” used to train a lot on the southern small stranghold. Others followed them over the decades in the pursuit of the professional dream. 

Meanwhile, a proposed new upgrade on the Breakwall may have a negative affect on the wave quality and is leaving B-Wall under threat. People are getting nervous. 

It seems the local government is planning to upgrade the Breakwall with rocks that are being placed at the front of the breakwall. if these rocks are placed in the incorrect spot it will have a devastating effect on way the sand moves to create the unique waves that break in front of the Breakwall.

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And leave your opinion by email: portmacquariebreakwall@transport.nsw.gov.au

Local community is also calling out anyone who loves Breakwall for a meeting this Tuesday at 12:00PM.