After a 6-years break, the infamous bodyboarding contest is back in France! The best local and international riders will battle this Autumn at «Annaëlle», the well-known local slab!


The 2021 PRIDE Annaëlle Challenge will take place this autumn in Brittany, North West of France. To ensure the best waves (depending on swell direction and size, winds and tides) a waiting period runs from September, 14 to December, 15. The final call is given just few days before the event.

During two days, the 16 competitors (a mix of the best locals, the best french and international pro riders) will battle to have a chance to win this 7th edition the event, sanctioned by the IBC (International Bodyboard Corporation) World Tour, as a «Invitational Specialty Event», alongside 3 others events this year: Tand Invitational (South Africa), Sintra Pro (Portugal) and Fronton King (Gran Canaria). 

Who will defeat last winner, Pierre-Louis Costes?


Hidden behind a little isolated island, Annaëlle was, at first, a fantasy wave for the local youths, only watching it from the coastline with binoculars but never tried it: it looked too radical and dangerous… Until few of them started riding it secretly.

After few images published in french magazines, and then the first editions of the event, the wave started to be well recognized all over the world. Stay tuned for more. xxx