Pierre-Louis Costes, 31 years of age, 2x World Champion, is one of the most amazing bodyboarders in the World. Despite the pandemic the Frenchman has developed a few projects on his side in the past year. The release of a new movie is one of them. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Pierre, you’re about to launch a new clip. Please talk us a little bit more about the project… 

PLC: Pride Bodyboards and I knew we were reaching our 10th year anniversary, we felt we should do something special to celebrate our partnership, it’s been such a incredible decade and we wanted to do something that represents the past, present and future of our collaboration. X • decem is a 30 minute documentary including exclusive footage and a resume of the last 10 years. 

Which specific locations did you went for filming it?

PLC: We focus on the best swells here in Portugal this Winter and we were lucky Costa Rica opened the country to the tourists this year as this was one of our options. I can’t tell all the details but let’s just say I had one big proof that everything happens for a reason and the mission to Costa Rica ended being one of the best trips of my life.

“[in Costa Rica] I never expected to ride the waves we did”

Filming during the pandemic was crazy for sure… 

PLC: It was! We had the hope when we talked about that project last year that by 2021, we could fly again everywhere but in February this year, everything got worst in Europe and we weren’t allowed to leave Portugal or France. Most countries closed their borders and Costa Rica was literally the only option, as I knew it would be difficult and risky to fly for a swell, we turned this mission into a family trip for a month, my wife supported the decision and we based ourselves in Costa Rica waiting for the swell there without knowing the best swell of the season would hit us the first week.

In your eyes, what’s the best part of the movie?

PLC: Costa Rica 💯, it represents the slogan “here comes the future” from Pride Bodyboards. We scored some incredible waves with a 16 years old local grom, I never expected to ride the waves we did, it was the best feeling being able to score what we came for in such an unpredictable location. I am not saying Costa Rica is the future but that you don’t know where the future will come from. Costa Rica showed there are still amazing slabs to be ridden in this world and there is a huge potential coming from there.

“(…) we felt we should do something special to celebrate our partnership”

Do you feel bodyboard movies still represent an important part amongst the bodyboarders or nowadays people just want to consume small and fast clips?

PLC: I honestly think people will still appreciate watch a quality movie. Most of us want everything fast and instant gratification but there are people who appreciate a real documentary or a movie. There is room for both, I think to justify a person save a movie to watch on a computer or a television with friends, it needs to be more than 10 minutes. I have more belief in people taking their time to construct something special with time than the 3-4 minutes video we see every days.

One last question. Release will happen online or on a theatre?

PLC: We couldn’t really organize the presentation in theatres with the pandemic restrictions all over, so we will release the clip online the 25th of May but we will do a world premiere in France at Hossegor the 21st of May. xxx