Matias Diaz was born in Antofagasta, Chile, on October 5th, 1994. He started bodyboarding at age 7 with his three brothers who showed him the way to Tocopilla Beach. Waves were not always good, but he stayed motivated until he became one of the best bodyboarders in South America. He works as a lifeguard and now lives in Iquique, where some of the country’s best waves are located. Here’s the lowdown with the Chilean shredder: 

On episode 2 of the new web series you cross Australia. Tell us a little bit more of how things went Down Under? 

Well, I went to Australia in the first place to study English at the Burleigh Heads Language College supported by @myaussielife and to surf the incredible waves that I’ve always seen in the videos. But then I needed it to work to generate money, so I started working and was able to travel a little bit more, for example to Sydney and Indonesia. I worked on different jobs and was always well paid, so that lead me to save some money and I could buy my first camera (Sony a6500). I had a great time in Australia, I met incredible people, surfed amazing waves and spent really good times with good friends and my big brother.

After Indonesia and Australia, what can we expect in future episodes?

You can expect a very good chapter of Chile, but for the moment let’s wait and see how the quarantine situation evolve around here. 

How’s the situation at the moment in Chile with the coronavirus?

It is a little crazy since we have several people infected but all the people keep going out and doing a normal life. The government is not stopping the people to go to certain critical points in the city, but the maritime police is taking surfers and bodyboarders out of the water at any minute and almost making prisoners. 

I had a great time in Australia, I met incredible people, surfed amazing waves and spent really good times with good friends

What’s like your daily routine?

Well, before the pandemic my day to day basis was to get up early, to have a good breakfast and then go to work as a lifeguard. At my work site I have one hour and a half reserved to training, so I can do whatever I want between surf, bodyboarding, swimming, running and other activities. I work until 6pm or 8pm depending on the season. Last month I started to do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at night and on Fridays and Saturdays I have university classes. On the days off I love spending good times with my family, my dog, with friends, bodyboarding, fishing, doing sports, etc.

Do you think we’ll be able to run a few events and find a World Champion for 2020?

I don’t think that will happen this year. But I hope God help us to get everything in the right track and be able to continue with the World Tour and also find a new world champion. 

Last question. What is your favourite board/model at Pride? 

My favorite Pride bodyboard is my pro model #timelessXdiaz, 41,5”, 50/50 rails, PP core with 1 stringer, mesh, nose bulbs and contour deck. I simply love it.  

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