LUXXURY is a 26 minute bodyboarding movie, self-produced and entirely shot by french lensman Léo Maigret. Based on the movement of the Earth, the Elements and the energy of a group of friends named Wingz. Here’s what you need to know: 

When you came up with the idea for a film?

I was already working on individual projects with a few guys for their sponsors. When it was finish, we continued to film without having a goal for a clip or other contents. I was reflecting on what we could do for the next project. Then the idea of a project more based on something reflected comes to me. I propose it to the group, to embrace a longer project, I didn’t expected to be longer than 20 minutes but more of a classic part. The guys answered me: Let’s go, we’ll follow you! Here is how it came up!

Without all the Elements of the Earth, there is no bodyboarding

What are you trying to show to the masses with this release? 

I am trying to show some different riders not so usually exposed in general. I am trying to show a different approach on bodyboard. Not only tricks because i think it’s not as interesting as a reflexion, with different atmosphere links to the riders and what they lived. A direct link between Earth reaction and humans with passion!

The movie is very scenetic. How important is for you to show the Elements of the Earth?

Without all the Elements of the Earth, there is no bodyboarding. Each scene is different, each element shows something special and esthetic. I’ve tried to show how Earth can expose something so lighting and calm, but also another places with a dark and completely different ambiance. Earth and humans. Because humans cause so many situations, via their action and way of life. 

Tell us about the script. Did you have one in first place? Or you just compile everything in the end and then decided what to do?

Yes, I had a reflection in the beginning of the project. I wanted to focus on all of those elements and situations we can share. But I need it to reflect on the way to do it, because I didn’t wanted to write a simple approach. I needed to speak about this with bodyboarding. So yes, I had already reflected on the subject when I started the movie. I didn’t had a plan in my head, because we never really knew where we would go or if we will have waves, but I always had a “picture” in my head.

What’s the story behind the Wingz crew?

Is just a story about a group of friends. A group who loves to bodyboarding, to make photography and everything that contain magical substance! It was formed in the same time of the movie idea. Just a bunch of friends who loves to do the same things and wanted to make a project around that.

A group who loves to bodyboarding, to make photography and everything that contain magical substance!

What’s the best segment of the movie?

I can’t answer this question. (laughs) Because each segment of the movie is totally different. Each one is individual and shows a different reflection of each situation founded during our path. And they are so contrasted. 

Tell us about the Portuguese bodyboarders and the country. What’s your opinion about the boog scene around Portugal? 

I think Portugal have one of the best bodyboard scenes of the World! So many different spots, beach breaks, reef breaks, big and small waves. All of them totally functional all year round. Incredible vibes and places. Food and people! That’s why so many riders are coming to Portugal now to make a living. 

Any future ideas or projects?

More projects like this in the future, I hope! New ideas will come up with time, let’s see what happens! 

Find the full movie HERE