In between of everything we are experiencing this year and despite the forced pause the sport of Bodyboarding is experiencing, a strong conviction arises worldwide that recognizes Latin America and Europe as the new powers of Bodyboarding.

Portugal is definitely the country with the biggest Bodyboarding growth in Europe in recent years and to strengthen their alliance, Bodyboard Center and Erizos are betting on one of the most emblematic rider of this Atlantic country.

Renowned for his commitment in heavy waves and for his solid competitive skills, Tó Cardoso has joined Erizos Surf Brand, Bodyboard Center and Stealth Fins.

“This means loads of motivation, new clips coming out soon and more support to keep chasing the swell. Proud”, said the Portuguese shredder from the iconic Nazaré beach.

Congrats, Tó! xxx

Clip above was edited by Semiotica and filmed by Delarue Films & Zango Night