The 2021 Playa Bowls Belmar Pro brought to you by Eastern Lines Surf Shop is officially over. The event is a classic in New Jersey and takes place in the stretch of beach between 16th and 18th Ave.

Each year the town opens it’s doors for parades, parties, the famous Belmar Seafood Festival… and this annual surf event. The contest has a great history of waves and the athletes came from all over the US and other places in the World.

The 2018 World Champ and 3x Pipeline Champion, Ayaka Suzuki, currently living the dream in Hawaii, made an unexpected appearance just to win both Women’s and Men’s divisions.

Congratulations to all the participants in the event that charged the Hurricane Larry swell like there was no tomorrow, riding every wave with style and amazing power all the way. Yewwww!

C-ya next year!

Women’s Results
1st. Ayaka Suzuki (Japan)
2nd. Lindsey Yasui (Hawaii)
3rd. Salina Palmisano (California)
4th. Megumi Johnson (New York)

Men’s Results
1st. Ayaka Suzuki (Japan)
2nd. Renzo Fassioli (Peru)
3rd. Juan Rivas (Dominican Republic)
4th. Dan Worley (Florida)

All photos by @tmpdmedia