Lachlan Cramsie, de 24 anos, venceu no fim de semana o Circuito Australiano (ABA Tour) pelo terceiro ano consecutivo. Na prática, como já havia vencido pela pela primeira vez em 2013, Cramsie tornou-se tetracampeão australiano de bodyboard. 

EN // Current ABA Champion Lachlan Cramsie has won the Australian Bodyboard Associations Mens Open Championship for the third year in a row!

Cramsie, 24, took out the first event The Queensland Pro held at Fingal Beach back in April of the 2019 ABA Tour in stylish fashion, ahead of other tour leaders, Japan’s Hayato Enokido, Brazil’s Silas Ganciar, and fellow Australian Michael Novy. When the SA Pro was cancelled in May, it meant that the NSW Pro would become the deciding event for this years ABA Tour.

Things were made interesting on Saturday when Hayato Enokido stumbled in the second round, while Silas Ganciar and Cramsie both progressed into Sundays Semi Final Heats. Semi Final 1 saw Cramsie score a fantastic first wave but struggled to find a decent second, and placing 3rd in the heat getting knocked from the competition. It was then a nervous wait for Cramsie as he had to sit and watch Silas in the following heat. The pressure was then on Silas to progress but he suffered the same fate as Cramsie, placing 3rd in Semi Final 2, handing the title to Cramsie.

Having won his first ABA Tour in 2013 and now adding 2017, 2018, and 2019, Cramsie is the first Australian male to take out the ABA Tour Threepeat, while also equalling the great Andrew Lester by winning his fourth ABA Tour Champion Title, an outstanding achievement for the 24 year old.

Aussie Pro Tour Champions

2019 – Lachlan Cramsie (Queensland)

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2013 – Lachlan Cramsie (Queensland)

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