Words from PLC: 

“In January 2003, I went to Hawaii for the first time with some of the best french bodyboarders of the moment including Nicolas Capdeville, Cedric Dufaure and Julien Lacouture. This is an excerpt from a movie called “Rock the life” including my first season ever from Hawaii.

I was 13 years old, I remember being so overwhelmed by the professional bodyboarders that I honestly felt I would never be able to reach their level. I kind of hated my first season, I didn’t catch many waves and I felt like I disappointed the guys around me. 

I ended up never missing a season after that as I knew Hawaii would shape me as the best rider I can be, I spent months on the North Shore so I could expose myself to big and powerful waves in the middle of all the best surfers and bodyboarders in the world.

I know today that Hawaii played a huge part in my career but as you can see in this video, we all start somewhere.” xxx