Get to know the “Boogie Song” by Tom Morey:

Buy your boy a boogie⠀
And send him to the sea⠀
Initiate the lad into the movement of eternity⠀

Buy you gal a boogie⠀
And sent her on her way⠀
From Makapuu to Rincon to Yokahama Bay⠀

´Cause when you’re high in the crook⠀
Of a hot little hook⠀
Salt spray singeing your nose⠀

You know you oughta be home⠀
Perhaps with your nose to the grindstone⠀
But instead you’re here where the tradewinds blow⠀

Buy your Mom a boogie⠀
Sent her out to play⠀
Cut her from the kitchen, the waves are really great today⠀

Teach your kids to read and write⠀
Then let ’em surf all day⠀
Learning how to surf through life is learning that will pay

* Tom Morey: ukelele, vocals, lyrics, wave and good karma.