A special invitation for the Australian event.

Portuguese Steph Kokorelis just confirmed his participation on the Shark Island Challenge. As we all know, the S.I.C. is an Aussie speciallity event for special local and international guests – check the winners list HERE.

‘Koko’, who joined the Pride Bodyboards team in September 2021, is considered one of the best free surfers today. The young shredder rips every wave, but has a natural hunger for challenging and ferocious conditions. You see, he has this willingness to constantly challenge himself.

In 2022, during an interview, he told us: “Whenever I can, I will continue to make trips in search of the best slabs and new spots. The only guarantee I can give is that my dream is to surf and visit Australia. And I will certainly fight for this in the coming months.”

Mission accomplished as Steph is living in Australia and has been lighting up the East Coast on an absolute tear over the past 10 months.

The invitees list of the Shark Island Challenge are being released gradually over the last few weeks, but the European sensation will be joining the action and the competition with top names of the bodyboarding world, such as Lewy Finnegan (Australia), Jacob Romero (Hawaii), Michael Ostler (South Africa), Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii), and past winners of the event Andrew Lester and Jase Finlay, both from Australia.

Sweet. Congrats, Steph!

Click HERE for a recent interview with the man about a trip to Skeleton Bay, Namibia.