Como se sabe, Joana Schenker foi campeã mundial de bodyboard feminino em 2017 e já conta no seu currículo com quatro títulos europeus e seis nacionais. Nasceu, cresceu e vive em Sagres, no Algarve, praias onde passa grande parte do seu tempo.

Recentemente, a algarvia abraçou um novo projeto fotográfico, “She is Home”, desenvolvido em parceria com o fotógrafo Mica Veras dos Santos e que visa, precisamente, a sensibilização para a sustentabilidade dos oceanos.

Através do estímulo visual, o projeto procura sensibilizar as pessoas para realidade atual da poluição e para a urgência que existe em salvá-los. Mais uma iniciativa com o cunho da campeã nacional em prol do meio ambiente.

Obrigado, Joana! 

* Micael Veras dos Santos, ou Mica Veras dos Santos como é conhecido na fotografia, é um fotógrafo português apaixonado pela natureza que reside atualmente em Bruxelas, na Bélgica, tendo sido premiado este ano com o título de Young Talent 2020 na Bélgica pela Canon.

EN// “She is Home” is a photographic project developed by the Portuguese photographer Mica Veras dos Santos in partnership with the 2017 World Champion Joana Schenker whose objective is to raise awareness about the sustainability of the oceans and maritime pollution. 

As a rule, photographic campaigns for awareness and against pollution of the oceans use the animals that live in this habitat (and well) as objects of exploitation. However, sometimes it becomes more effective to raise awareness through identification, thus using a person who makes the sea their home and who also suffers the consequences of those same acts. 

Joana Schenker was born, grew up and lives in Sagres, on one of the last borders of beautiful Portugal. She made Sagres her home, and its walls of waves and sand. She spends much of her time on the beach and there she spends her best moments, whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or a cold winter morning. 

The unpredictability of giving and winds, made her fall in love with the mysteries that the horizon and the future bring. She wants to live and breathe the sea, but she is also conscious to protect, love and treat it as if it was home. 

At the end of the day, Joana’s foundations will always be the sea, the wind and the sand. When she is at the beach she is at home. Joana takes care because Joana loves it. And from this premise comes the idea for the salvation of “Joana’s house”, which is, after all, not only the home of all maritime beings, but ultimately the home of all of us. 

The ultimate objective is to sensitize people to the sad reality of what is happening in our oceans and how urgent it is to come together to save it. 

* Micael Veras dos Santos, or Mica Veras dos Santos as he is known in photography, is a Portuguese photographer who currently resides in Brussels, Belgium. This year it was awarded the title of “Young Talent 2020” in Belgium by the famous photography giant Canon. He is passionate about adventure, travel and billboards. Breaths nature and wants to bring to the public a simplistic perspective of nature, in order to portray the most beautiful things we have in the world, in the eternal hope that people will fall in love, so that they take care.