A Go Fund Me page has been created to help photographer/fimmaker Shaun Petersen and his family through the financial hardship of an unprovoked home invasion and brutal stabbing attack.

On the 31st of December, Shaun was stabbed at his home south of Sydney. He was stabbed in the head, which fractured his skull, and in the stomach. He is lucky to still be alive. After many operations to save his life, he remains under close monitoring and special care in hospital.

A traumatic and ruthless event like this has left a huge burden on Shaun and his family. Shaun is unable to work and provide for his teenage daughter – Leif; and soon-to-be wife – Stacey. But stepping away from the financial hardship that Shaun may face, is the emotional and physical trauma caused within his family.

When Shaun isn’t busy at work or with his family, he is out chasing waves or competing. He is one of the most dedicated watermen, a true bodyboarder at heart and always bodyboarding when there’s waves. 

The purpose of the Go Fund Me is to provide some relief for Shauns financial situation and all donations go towards to pay bills while Shaun is unable to work. Shaun is a fine human and still hospitalized after one month, so let’s send him BIG LOVE!