Get ready, South Africa!

Legendary Portuguese bodyboarding shaper, “Gato” (Carlos Fernandes), is visiting South Africa pretty soon!

Thanks to a partnership with Mstar Distribution, Gato, who has been shaping for almost three decades, is visiting the country and working in the Mstar factory to deliver shape custom bodyboards for a limited time only.

His expertise and dedication to the craft has made him a household name in the bodyboarding community.

This is an incredible opportunity for bodyboarding enthusiasts in South Africa to get a custom-made bodyboard.

Don’t miss your chance to own a unique, personalized, tailor-made custom bodyboard to your specifications. A weapon crafted by a true master.

Limited slots are available, this opportunity won’t come around again, so act fast and secure your spot now. Gato lands in South Africa mid-May 2023. xxx