El Sarros Contest gathered more than 50 riders at El Sardinero Playa.  

Last weekend saw the El Sarros Contest opening the local 2023 competition season in Cantabria, a North region of the Spain territory. 

The good weather and good vibes, along with the good waves, marked the two days window event. In the end a few well known faces got to reach the podium and the final awards ceremony. 

In the Master division (photo below), the winner was legend Luis Perez “Gigi”, one of the best bodyboarders ever, not only in Cantabria but in Europe. Young gun Lucciano Campos, in the Junior division (photo above), won the event in great style with an epic total score of 15,83 points (out of 20). 

Last but not the least, the Open division (photo on top) was run on a high level of commitment and talent between the four best riders of the contest. In the end Alejandro Poo come in first (14,00 pts) beating the young talent and 2021 Pro Junior World Champ Luis Tausía by only 0,56 points. 

Final results:


01. Alejandro Poo

02. Luis Tausía

03. José Antonio Viaña

04. Luis Pérez “Gigi”


01. Luis Pérez “Gigi”

02. José Antonio Viaña

03. Fady Issa

04. Juan Ramón Gutiérrez


01. Lucciano Campos

02. Noah Arenas

03. Unax Pascual

04. Luca Ruiz

All photos by SurfCantabria.com