Hawaii’s very own David Hubbard has achieved yet another milestone by securing the dropknee world title at the IBC World Tour. Now, a remarkable ten-time winner of the drop knee title, Hubbard’s success continues to shine as he emerged victorious in the Dropknee Division of the recently concluded Visit Maldives Pro 2023, held in Malé.

In an epic showdown, Hubbard’s triumph in the final heat solidified his position as this year’s champion in the division. The coveted World Title was proudly bestowed upon him during the Visit Maldives Pro award ceremony by First Lady Fazna Ahmed, who personally presented him with the World Champion Trophy.

Overcoming his competition with finesse, David clinched the dropknee division title of the highly anticipated Visit Maldives Pro 2023, an event within the IBC World Tour. He secured his victory by outclassing fellow Hawaiian Sammy Morretino in a nail-biting final. Hubbard’s final heat score stood at an impressive 16.00 points, while Morretino trailed behind with a score of 13.70.

This victory marked another chapter in Hubbard’s triumphant journey, as he triumphed over France’s Fabian Thazar in the semi-finals. On the other hand, Sammy Morretino earned his place in the semi-finals by overcoming last year’s finalist, Amaury Levernhe.

In a fiercely competitive match-up, France’s Pierre-Louis Costes emerged victorious in the men’s division, widely regarded as the most cutthroat category of the tournament. PLC’s exceptional prowess led him to victory in the final heat, where he outperformed Hawaii’s Tanner McDaniel. PLC secured a score of 13.60, while Tanner, the world’s number-one-ranked bodyboarder, earned a score of 11.65 points.

PLC’s path to victory saw him triumph over France’s Ethan Capdeville in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Ethan showcased her skills in the junior section, overcoming Spain’s Jorge Hernandez.

The women’s title went to Teresa Miranda of The Canary Islands, who triumphed over Japan’s Sari Ohhara in what was hailed as the most fiercely contested final of the tournament. Teresa’s victory margin was a mere 0.25 as she secured a final heat score of 13.50, surpassing Ohhara’s score of 13.25. Teresa’s journey to the title involved overcoming South Africa’s Pamela Bowren in the semi-finals, while Sari conquered the semi-finals against Brazil’s Maira Viana.

Among the junior competitors, Spain’s Jorge Hernandez emerged victorious by defeating Brazil’s Guilherme Montenegro in the final. Jorge showcased his skills with a score of 13.75 points, besting the Brazilian teenager’s score of 11.50. In the division’s semi-finals, Jorge outperformed local talent Aamin Umar Moosa, while South Africa’s Hugo Naude secured 3rd place after losing the other semi-final.

The Visit Maldives Pro 2023 saw participation from over 80 athletes representing 16 different countries. This marked the second instance of the tournament being hosted in the Maldives as part of the IBC World Tour, cementing its significance in the world of bodyboarding.

Photos by Pablo Jiménez and Jesús De León