Wrap up of the international event in Acapulco. 

The Acapulco Bodyboarding Fest 2023 offered four different divisions (Open, Dropknee, Women and Groms) and was held in Acapulco – Guerrero, Mexico, between 7-10 September, in Pie de la Cuesta Beach.

Acapulco de Juárez, commonly called Acapulco, is known for being Mexico’s largest beach and balneario resort city, so it was normal the event gathered bodyboarders from all over mainland as well a few international faces.

Hawaiian power couple, Mack and Ayaka Crilley, have shown up in Acapulco and have taken the first places in the Dropknee and Women’s divisions, respectively. A few weeks ago, during the Colorada Pro, the boogie couple announced that is expecting a baby – this means Ayaka won the event carrying her baby. Congratulations! 

“We did it again! Congratulations to my love Mack Crilley for taking 1st place in DK and 3rd place in the Men’s division at Acapulco Bodyboarding Fest 2023. And I’m thrilled to have won the Women’s division with our baby on board! Great job, little one!”, said Ayaka. 

Mexicans Alfonso Aguilar and Rolando Hernández have won the Open Men’s and Groms division in great form. 


01. Alfonso Aguilar (Mich, Mexico)

02. Ulises Rodríguez (Aca, Mexico)

03. Mack Crilley (Hawaii)

04. Jorge Medina (Mich, Mexico)


01. Mack Crilley (Hawaii) 

02. Alfonso Aguilar (Mich, Mexico)

03. Rob Ramos (Aca, Mexico)

04. Ulises Rodríguez (Aca, Mexico)


01. Ayaka Suzuki (Japan)

02. Claire Mc Gowen (United Kingdom)

03. Tanae Navarrete (Pto. Escondido, Mexico)

04. Lili Girón (Pto. Escondido, Mexico)

05. Yoselin Ramirez (Pto. Escondido, Mexico)


01. Rolando Hernández (Colima, Mexico)

02. Isaias Pacheco (Pto. Escondido, Mexico)

03. Amuraby Silva (Mazunte, Mexico)

04. Eduardo Puentes (Colima, Mexico)