A quick resume of the Open Sal Ponta Preta.

Between 18 to 27 of March a reasonable pack of African bodyboarders went to Sal Island, located on the Cape Verde archipelago, for the international Open Sal Ponta Preta

The competition was run in Ponta Preta spot having the finals day on March, 21st. Two Moroccan riders were invited by the organization, Badr Eddine Chajri and Ilias Boufouchk, and both ended competing against each other in the final heat of day. Another two athletes from Cape Verde – Elton Lopes and Rivaldo Gomes – completed the podium. 

Regarding the final results, Badr Eddine Chajri (action photo) showed an epic performance and ended winning the event with an amazing score of 16,65 points (8,55 + 8,10). His fellow countryman, Ilias, ended second with 13,35 points, leaving the local riders with the other places – Rivaldo scored 8,00 points and placed third and Elton fourth with a 6,55 points total score. 

A word for Badr Eddine Chajri as he was for sure the standout competitor of the event. The African Champion not only won the comp but also pointed the four best waves of the entire contest (9,35; 8,00; 7,80; 7,65) and the best three total scores (17,00; 16,65; 14,10). xxx