Manta was the stage for the international event.

More than 50 athletes from all over the World competed on the Murci Classic 2023, international event that was held in El Murciélago, Manta, Ecuador on January 18/19th. 

Being the capital of the bodyboard in Ecuador, the event promotes the city, the sport and the protection of the their beaches and waves. Waves were amazing, absolutely on fire! 

Fabio Saavedra, from Peru, took the win both in Open and Junior divisions, leaving Michel Copetta from Chile with the victory on the Dropknee. 

01. Fabio Saavedra
02. Jhonny Alcivar
03. Sacha Damjanic
04. Miguel R. Saldaña

01. Michel Copetta
02. Anthony Gilces
03. Jorge Saa
04. Jhonny Montes Vera

01. Fabio Saavedra
02. Hannah Saa
03. Jesus Mendoza Lujan
04. Luciano Saenz

Photos: @fcoherrerabravo


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