The countdown for the Quemao Class has already begun. The event will bring together the best surfers and bodyboarders of the world to face one of the most powerful, dangerous, and breathtaking waves in Europe.

The weather reports are already highlighting the awakening of this wave, which will continue growing until it reaches its most extreme conditions, the ideal for the development of the event.

A total of 64 athletes, 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders invited by the organization have already confirmed their assistance and are getting ready to face the challenge the wave represents.

World-renowned athletes such as Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island), Alex Uranga (Basque Country), PLC (France), Brahim Iddouch (Morocco), Pedro Levi (Portugal), Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii), Alvaro Padron (Canary Islans), Ruyman Rey (Canary Islands), Maxime Castillo (France), Lionel Medina (Canary Islands) and the one and only Mike Stewart (Hawaii) are appointed to compete on the 6th edition of the Quemao Class.

For now, the event remains in its holding period (waiting period ends on December 31st), with a notice method based on a colour-based alarm system. Thus, the orange alert, the current, represents the holding period; the yellow alert indicates that it could be an event “attempt”; the green alert will come about with the date confirmation for the event development.

Watch the recap from the last edition won by Amaury Lavernhe for the third time: