Last run of the event was in 2017. Now the SIC is back for 2024.

In the heart of the Australia Sydney Basin’s southern beaches emerges a rocky island of mortal consequence – Shark Island. A battleground where the fearless embrace the ferocious nature of its shallow waters, leaving them licking their wounds and returning for more.

The Shark Island Challenge (SIC), Cronulla’s only truly international surfing event, had its inception in 1997 (winner was Matt Percy), and left a mark on the global bodyboarding stage, attracting international talents to challenge local heroes since then. 

The SIC competition runs uniquely as a specialty event with a total of 24 bodyboarders – 20 athletes are invited from all the corners of the globe, including 4 who call the break their own, the local crew.

The list of riders was not unveiled yet, but the event waiting period is to span from May 24th May to June 30th. Organization says “a possible extension can be granted if ideal conditions don’t arise, allowing for the best swell, wind and tide for maximum viewership and media impact.” 

Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile check the action from the last event in 2017 and 20th anniversary (clip below) won by Aussie Jason Finlay. However Brazilian Guilherme Tâmega is the rider who holds more wins (3 in 2002, 2003 and 2004) in the event. 

Photo slide shows HERE and HERE.