The 12 year old wunderkind has been on a tear, threading tubes and launching off lips with a style that belies his age.

Company founder Nick “Mez” Mesritz commented, “We are stoked to have Louis join the NMD team. He is representative of the new wave in French bodyboarding and credit must go to his coach, Nico Padois for his work with Louis. We are very much looking forward to playing a part in Louis’s journey as his ability continues to grow.”

Louis stated, “I am very proud to be part of the NMD Board Co. team. A big thank you also to Surfcloud for equipping me with great gear”.


Name: Louis Fery | Instagram
Age: 12 years and 3 months.
Hometown: Arcachon, France.
Height: 148 cm.
Weight: 37 kg.
Board: 35” NMD custom.
Achievements: Vice champion New Aquitaine.
Heroes: Pierre-Louis Costes, Maxime Castillo, Ben Player and Tanner McDaniel.
Likes: Bodyboarding, My OceanRoots Club, being with friends and chess.