Weekend delivered the Bocas Invitacional winners.

The cast for the Bocas Invitacional in Bocas del Toro (Playa Bluff, Panama) was absolutely amazing, showing a true get together of international riders in the Caribbean. 

The bodyboarders received the call and come from all over, including Portugal, Spain, France, Costa Rica, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Hawaii, mainland USA and other countries where bodyboarding has expression and a word to say. 

Regarding the competition, Sammy Morretino won the Open Division in great style. The Hawaiian was able to find the best wave of the final (8,57) and grab the first place of the podium, leaving Tanner McDaniel, the favourite rider, in second and in a short distance. 

The best Portuguese competitor on the Open Division was Rodrigo Lopes (9th), followed by Carlos Elias (25th), Joel Rodrigues (33rd) and André Leite (49th).


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Isabela Sousa, 4x world champion, dominated the Ladies Division. The Brazilian not only did the best wave of the final (8,33) but registered also a big total score of 14,66 points. Portuguese Filipa Broeiro, who competed for the first time outside of his country, went to the final with big moves, but in the end placed fourth as she need it to find better waves to improve. 

Dave Hubbard confirmed why he is 8x world champ and took the win on the Dropknee Division. Finally, on the Juniors side, Joel Rodrigues, from Portugal, smashed their opponents, all from Costa Rica, and clinched the victory in Playa Bluff. 

Open Division

Sammy Morretino (Hawaii) 14,37
Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii) 13,17
Amaury Lavernhe (France) 11,43
Alan Munõz (Chile) 5,90

Ladies Division

Isabela Sousa (Brazil) 14,66
Roberta Bitzer (USA) 8,53
S. Estay (Chile) 5,80
Filipa Broeiro (Portugal) 5,23

Dropknee Division

Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) 15,03
Kawika Rohr-Kamai (Hawaii) 13,83
Sammy Morretino (Hawaii) 12,83
Amaury Lavernhe (France) 10,30

Junior Division

Joel Rodrigues (Portugal) 13,67
J. Pastrana (Costa Rica) 9,83
Luis Centeno (Costa Rica) 4,43
J. Montiel (Costa Rica) 4,34

Special thanks to Nuno Lopes/BBoardTV and André Leite for the shots and video.