GCBC Round 6 Presented by Bali Bodyboard was a successful event with some outstanding performances. Conditions in Duranbah were around 2ft with light, off shore winds, most of the day.

With a perfect heat, Frank Nutter was the star of the show. He started the Super Grommets final with a perfect 10 point ride on a solid take off into a barrel roll and backed that one up with a dip barrel on a double up wave for his second 10 point ride. Noa Rowlands finished 2nd with a solid performance making a total of 12.23 points. Yony Donath finished 3rd and Louie Nutter took 4th place.

The Nutter family was on fire with Grant Nutter taking 1st place in the Opens Division turning up the heat on his last wave, moving from 4th to 1st. In 2nd place was Japanese rider Kaito Sato followed by Brazilian rider Silas Ganciar 3rd place, and Chilean competitor Pedro Nieto in 4th.

Justin Kirkpatrick cleaned up winning the DK division and Grand Masters with solid performances in both divisions. Mitch Curtin was the winner of Masters Division with a great performances  throughout the day.

Super Grommets
1st Frank Nutter
2nd Noa Rowlands
3rd Yony Donath
4th Louie Nutter

1st Grant Nutter
2nd Kaito Sato
3rd Silas Ganciar
4th Pedro Nieto

1st Noriko Smith
2nd Shannon Nutter

1st Justin Kirkpatrick
2nd Arron Buckshiram
3rd Shannon Deane
4th Simon Bruncke

1st Mitch Curtis
2nd Simon Bruncke
3rd Darrel Nelson
4th Peter Stewart

1st Taylor Barton
2nd Jacob McAuliffe
3rd Cruz McAuliffe
4th Byron Millar

1st Shannon Deane
2nd Tory Anton
3rd Grant Nutter
4th Kyle Maslen

Grand Masters
1st Justin Kirkpatrick
2nd Darrel Nelson
3rd Corrie Rowlands
4th David Simpson

Attention: For the final rankings GCBC is counting the best 5 results out of 7. Opens, Dk and Masters have one more stop to go and all the other divisions (Womens, Mens, Cadets, Super Grommets and Grand Masters) have two more contests to go. xxx