The event will not happen this season, but the champion revealed his mechanics and format.

As a result of the pandemic, the Pipeline contest has been canceled and will not take place this season. However, a few days ago, Mike shared on social media that he was prepared with a new format to face the restrictions that are in place – above all to avoid the presence of the public at the beach.

Here is the message from the man:

“Well the 2021 Pipeline bodyboarding and bodysurfing events are canceled for this year. I guess I have been in denial thinking if I could come up with a good solution to the Covid-19 restrictions protocol it might be able to still run. I had an innovative format that I thought ticked all the right boxes. It wasn’t perfect but doable, or at least this is what I thought.

Here’s my brief pitch if you are interested or have any constructive criticism to throw at it.

The Boog Jam: 

To produce a fun, more engaging event while eliminating onsite infrastructure, beach personnel and onsite judges. At the same time minimizing the amount of people in the water as well as decreasing spectators on the beach. The idea in a nut shell is to capture each ride in HD video, which would then be curated into a live broadcast some weeks later.

40 competitors (10 each heat, two hour heats) would push each other to win various performance categories. @Hawaiianwaterpatrol would clear the line up. There would be no public notice of the competition running. All competitors would check in on a dedicated website. Maybe if restrictive protocols are still in place for next year the powers that be can reconsider?”

What do you think of this idea?
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