History was made in Flopos (Arica, Chile) as Pierre-Louis Costes won the Arica Cultura Bodyboard for the third time in his career.

The final days of the Arica Cultura Bodyboard presented by Pride, 2nd stop of the 2023 IBC Men’s World Tour, were very intense to say the least. Huge and powerful waves were on demand for the last 16 bodyboarders in competition (Round 8 man-on-man heats).

The French gang were on a mission and put three competitors amongst the semi finalists – Maxime Castillo, Amaury Lavernhe and Pierre-Louis Costes. All of them sharp and hungry for a victory. In the end, just PLC went to the final with Tanner McDaniel.

The Hawaiian made a strong appearance in every heat done in the cold waters of Arica, since the early rounds, and did have his chance to come up on top in the final heat but wasn’t able to beat the Frenchie old fox who held priority in crucial moments and made wiser decisions based on deep barrels.

Final total points: 13,75 x 13,00 pts. Tanner scored a 9,00, but couldn’t improve a back up wave of 4,00 points, and lost searching for a 4,75.

By the quarters and semis, Moz signed 10 point rides and looked like – for a few minutes – that the first place was already awarded. With amazing air reverses on the ending section, at some point McDaniel also looked a strong contender to win the event. In fact the Hawaiian didn’t win, but is now the world tour leader.

“Sometimes life reminds you that all sacrifices and hard work will eventually pay off. Today was one of those days that everything works in your favor without really understanding why, extremely grateful to lift the trophy of the Arica Cultura Bodyboard this year against such an incredible talent competing on the IBC World Tour, a moment like this is hard to describe but it’s quite addictive, the reason why I do come to the events is to try to feel that feeling just one more time and for now, I am just going to enjoy the moment and continue to be the person I want to be”, said Pierre-Louis Costes, now 3x winner of the event.

The IBC Tour heads now to the Itacoatiara Pro in Brazil (June 9-18) and the forecast, according to the officials, looks good. That means the show must be epic!

Updated ranking after 2 stops:

Action photo by @yerkovasquez_fotografo_flopo