Eppo announced on the social media that he is releasing his retro model this week. 

On the Instagram, Michael “Eppo” Eppelstun, the first world champion for Australia back in 1993, explained to the fans how this all came about: “Last year I was approached by a board company wanting to release an Eppo retro model. I called Mez first as not only has he been shaping my boards for the past 15 years, we actually met when he was 16 and I was 20 while we were working together at Rheopaipo and subsequently on my pro model way back in 1993. We’ve been mates ever since and so during that call Mez asked me if I would reconsider releasing a model with NMD”.⁠⁠

Later, during a zoom call, both agreed with the terms and had a virtual handshake to seal the deal. This board, which is about to be selling online, is the result. It seems Nick Mesritz only had 10 purple deck skins left in the factory so that means only 10 boards could be assembled. Eppo and the NMD head shaper also agreed they wanted to make this release truly limited, so this will be the only time these boards will be on the market in this design.⁠⁠

“Mez said he had a lot of fun making the boards, from redesigning the Eppo logo in Illustrator, through to making the die-cut knife for the EVA Eppo slick grips. He said it was also cool to be able to take design aspects from the original board and bring them up to date with modern materials and manufacturing techniques”, said Eppo.⁠⁠

Now the part vintage lovers wanted to know. Each board cost $1000 (USD = 830 Euro; AUD = 643 Euro) OUCHHH! … and go on sale online on Tuesday, March 2nd 2021 (tomorrow boys!). Each board is numbered 1 through to 10, but Eppo is keeping the number two board and will be auctioning number one and donating the proceeds to charity. Also 20% of the profits of each board will also be donated, so in the end you’ll be buying an exclusive board but helping people on the way as well.⁠⁠

What do you say? Want one for yourself?

Check all the details at www.epposode.com