Get to know the names attending the Panama tropical dream.

Photo by @saturnophoto

Registrations are closed, the event runs from February 15-20th and it will be first bodyboarding festival in Bocas del Toro presenting a 15k total prize. Along the bodyboard comp there will be other activities such as workshops and local music culture.

The competition will be taking place at Playa Bluff, considered one of the best beach breaks in the world, and the cast of riders is absolutely fantastic.

9x World Champ Mike Stewart (Hawaii), 4x World Champ Isabela Sousa (Brazil), 2x World Champ Pierre-Louis Costes (France) and 4x Dk World Champ Sammy Morretino (Hawaii) are confirmed, along with former World Champions Amaury Lavernhe (France) and Dave Hubbard (Hawaii).

Other big names like Alan Muñoz (Chile), Travis Smith (Hawaii), Hermano Castro (Brazil), PJ Tartak (Puerto Rico), Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii), Unai Fernandez (Basque Country), Rachel Greco (Hawaii), Yazdany Castro (Costa Rica), Jeremy Loefstok (Aruba), Kawika Rohr-Kamai (Hawaii), Miguel Rodriguez (Peru) and Jason and Roberta Bitzer (Hawaii) will be also competing in the Caribbean.

Regarding the Portuguese crew, so far the organization unveiled five names: Carlos Elias, André Leite, Rodrigo Lopes, Filipa Broeiro and Joel Rodrigues. A truly international contest with an amazing cast. This should be epic.

The area is considered a world-class surf destination, a Panama’s top must-see and an epicenter of culture with top Afro-Caribbean music and electronic music events. Stay tuned for more. xxx