Piece written based on the words of Linda McIntosh / San Diego Union Tribune.

Two mothers from Oceanside, California (USA), who loved bodyboarding as kids, came up with an idea to get moms out on the waves and decided to create the club “Boogie Moms.”

The group began last June by the hands of Cristi Turvey and Lauren Bennett (pictured left and below). and immediately got the attention of a handful of moms and grandmas and grew in several months to more than 50 members mostly from Oceanside, Vista and Carlsbad, but also from Orange County.

The group started in the Summer of 2021 when Cristi and Lauren, who already boogie board when they were younger, decided to get back to bodyboarding after a hiatus of several years. Well, needless to say they were hooked on the first session!

Sharing the joy of bodyboarding with other women and watching them come out with the biggest smile on their face is now their mission.

The club is open to women and their families, but often there’s a bunch of dads on the beach cheering or helping with the kids while the women take turns catching waves.

The club sets up camp between Towers 12 and 14 at Oceanside Harbor Beach and holds free meetups twice a week during the warmer months. Its summer season will kick off April 15.

If you live nearby, show up one day and join the group, or just follow them on Instagram: @boogie.moms

Andy Giraud Photo