That’s a wrap.

As Amaury Lavernhe said, the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival were fulfilled of 11 days of competition, 5 divisions, waves everyday and an awesome set up thanks to the local organization. Nowadays this might be, easily, one of the best events of the IBC World Tour.

The Frenchman and former world champ Moz arrive to Chile in great form, but was stopped by Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel on the semis (14,15 x 11,50 pts).

Equal luck had a young Ethan Capdeville (France), son of the former world champion Nicolas Capdeville, losing in the other semi final to the unstoppable Tristan Roberts (14,25 x 11,90 pts), the South African machine who is the currently world champion.

In the final heat Saffa seems to be on a mission and show up a step ahead of his opponent, pointing a 7,00 and 8,00 points rides (total score of 15,00) which left the winner of ABF in 2022 in second place with a score of 12,50. Tristan starts the year with a win and is leading the world tour.

“As an athlete I devote my life to this sport. Day in, Day out. I am a true believer of hard work paying off. It always does, eventually. I do believe that the day I cannot dedicate 100 percent of myself to this sport as I do now, is the day I walk away from competing. I am so happy to be able to accomplish this goal that seemed impossible to me. I truly had to fight the negativity in my head and get to work. I appreciate you all so much for supporting me on this journey. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn, This time I got to do both. Fun fact, 27th of May 2018 was my first World Tour event win and it was the ABF event. Today the 27th of May 2023, I have managed to win it again”, said the event winner, Mr. Tristan Roberts.

On the Pro Women side, Japanese Sari Ohhara beat Brazilian Neymara Carvalho (9,50 x 4,50 pts) to get the lead in the world ranking, after the first event in Brazil. Isabela Sousa (Brazil) and Paloma Freyggang (Chile) placed equal third in Antofagasta.

Dave Hubbard got the rhythm in the Dropknee just in time to punt another win on the world tour. The first semi was an authentic Hawaiian clash between Dave and Sammy Morretino (16,90 x 13,00), with the first advancing to the final to beat Amaury Lavernhe by 16,75 versus 10,00 points.

On the Juniors side winners were Micheel Yancce, from Peru, and Aarya Tabaln, from Hawaii.

A final word for the Portuguese crew who have signed important results such as a 5th place by Joana Schenker, a 9th by Teresa Padrela, a 9th by Ricardo Rosmaninho, a 25th by Joel Rodrigues and an amazing third place by Luana Dourado in the Women Pro Junior division.

Next stop: Arica Cultura Bodyboard (Chile), May 30 – June 7.

C-ya all there!