The 2023 California Classic was a grassroots bodyboard contest held at Salt Creek, California, U.S.A., on September 9th.

The first annual 2023 California Classic was a huge success, bringing the local bodyboard community all together for a fun day and friendly competition to help push and grow the sport.

The day was incredible with everybody ripping, the sun was out, swell was filling in, Mike Stewart made an appearance, Tanner McDaniel entered his first ever Dropknee contest, and local grom Lincoln Presley beat all the top CA riders on the Men’s division. 

Time to check the final results: 


01. Lincoln Presley

02. Craig Whetter

03. Eian McMillen

04. Turner Harmon


01. Nick Arant 

02. Henry Long

03. Jeff Brockman

04. Turner Harmon


01. Bud Miyamoto

02. Bobby Kithcart

03. Tanner McDaniel

04. Nick Borgens 


01. Tara Parsons 

02. Nora Posito

03. Monica Del Amore

04. Juliana Freitas


01. Analu Yockman

02. Drake Kinghorn

03. Kenny Kuypers 

04. Braden Smith

Photos by @nickmillward_