Santa Catarina is one of Brazil’s 26 states, situated in the South Region of the country. It has a long Atlantic coast, many islands and amazing beaches.

The state capital is Florianópolis with Praia Naufragados (Shipwrecked Beach), where this mean action took place, staying a little bit further South (about 40km from the center of the town).

The reason for the beach name is not known for sure, but one of the theories states that it was due to the sinking of two Portuguese vessels, right in front of the beach, in 1753.

Following orders from the Portuguese Court, around 250 Azorean settlers were traveling to Rio Grande do Sul when the accident occurred there. Only 77 settlers escaped, some of whom stayed on the island and others went to Laguna and Rio Grande do Sul.

In action, frame by frame, is Renê Xavier, a local Brazilian shredder.

All photos courtesy by Lucas Onzi | Instagram