Mike Stewart is considered the greatest bodyboarder of all time but if you could argue this statement with other names of the sport, it’s undeniable Mike is the greatest bodyboarder of all time at Pipeline.

* Article originally published in 12/10/2020.

Let’s see… Mike Stewart holds several records at Pipeline and some of them may never be broken.

Here is a list of the Mike Stewart achievements at Pipeline. 

  • Most titles at a single event (total of 11 wins at Pipeline) 
  • Most consecutive wins at a single event (6 Pipeline wins from 1987-1992) 
  • The only bodyboarder to compete at Pipe since 1982
  • Most appearances at a single event (34 participations) 
  • Most final appearances at a single event (14 Pipeline finals including 11 consecutive ones from 1982 to 1993) 
  • Oldest athlete to reach the Pipeline final (at 48 years old in 2012) 
  • Most world titles won at Pipeline ( Mike won 9 times)

Also, did you know that…

Mike Stewart won his first title at 20 years old and 7 months to later win his last world title at 31 years old and 8 months. He holds the record for the longest time distance (11 years) between two world titles.

Mike Stewart is also currently the only athlete to have won a world tour event in his 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. An incredible record showing the longevity of the man and a statement that age is just a number. Mike Stewart won his last event at 54 years old which meant the time distance in between his first and last world tour career event win is 34 years. This will be a hard record to beat.

Guilherme Tâmega was the closest athlete to beat those records. He won his first world title at 21 years old and 4 months and won his last one at 30 years old and 4 months which represents a 9 years time distance between his first and last world titles. 

However, Guilherme won his last event at 38 years old and 8 months which represents a time distance of 18 years between his first and last career event win. Guilherme will have to win an event at 56 years old to beat Mike’s record of longest time distance between 2 world tour wins.

Mike Stewart is the most successful male athlete in the North America region (United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe) winning 12 events in Hawaii. Mike won 12 world tour events including 11 Pipeline titles and 1 win in Maui. xxx

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